Five ways to create the right conditions for your dreams to come true…

By , September 5, 2012 9:13 pm

“Until we are free to think for ourselves, our dreams are not free to unfold.”

~ Nancy Kline

It is an awesome (and usually a teary) moment for any coach-mentor when they’ve observed their client forge a path and finally make their dream become a reality.

Most of us have a dream.

Many dreams are choked and starved of oxygen by the cynicism and ridicule of others and by the busyness of the demands of our daily life. Dust and sediment forms as our dream snuggles down to hibernate in our sub-consciousness. There it sleeps in suspended animation.

In the absence of time and structure to think for ourselves we lose track of our dream.

Here’s the thing though…

Dreams never die…

They just lay dormant, like a seed scattered in the wilderness, waiting for the right conditions to come along and provide the nutrients and sunshine to wake them up.

So how can you create the right conditions to nurture and feed your dream into becoming a reality?

Here are five ways…

1.    Stay connected to your passion – Become the ‘Chief Encourager’ to keep your passion and motivation alive. Find ways to turn that passion towards real action in your life. People change when they are emotionally engaged and committed to their dream. Remind yourself daily why you want to make your dream come true. How does it make you feel? A dream strongly desired creates a ripple effect and the Universe responds! Your thoughts feelings and passion affects and displaces energy around you – like a ripple effect in water. If passion fades, then your dream remains a lost idea.

 2.    Make your dream a goal and write it down – Some say that a goal is a dream with a deadline! Take your dream, create a plan to make it happen and then take some action each day to move step by step towards reality. Build a positive relationship with your goal. If you’re ambivalent or you dislike it, then you’ll treat it with dis-respect and nothing will happen. Loving your goal brings it nearer to you. When you write it down you form a two-way relationship.

3. Connect with all possibilities – Create and then hold space for all possibilities to sprout and grow. Actively look for opportunities to take a step towards your dream of…(fill in the blank). Anything is possible… Look out for those negative voices in your head that try to limit your potential and erode your self-belief. Stay current as your goal speaks to you in your daily life through inner guidance, other people, events and experiences. Your goal may change as you become clearer about what you want. Create chances to do something about it

4.    Balance your head and your heart – Sometimes a dream is starved of light because you become too intellectually focused and bogged down in the process. Energy drains away as you get lost in strategy, stakeholders, objectives and targets that drain your creativity and steal your enthusiasm. Too much strategy and you become process-blinded. Be emotionally engaged by finding the passion for doing the work, strategy and engaging your heart and mind.

5.    Find like-minded people to discuss it with – Seek out others who have gone before you. There are people who have experienced something similar and have made their dream a reality. Keep asking and meeting people by following the golden thread of your desire and it will lead you to a rich source of knowledge and wisdom. Like-minded people can help you find your way to put your dream into action. Where do yours hang out?

How can you make your dream come true?



4 Responses to “Five ways to create the right conditions for your dreams to come true…”

  1. Thanks Elaine, I was just starting to lose enthusiasm… 🙂

  2. ElaineBailey says:

    You’re welcome David – Keep the passion pilot-light glowing! 🙂

  3. Stacey Pruim says:

    I love that Elaine! “the passion pilot-light”.

    On that last note, I’m connecting more and more with the power of story. The story that those that have ‘done this before’ tell really does make it tangible for us.

    But there is something in telling our own previous stories. I have had the opportunity these past two weeks to share my recent path with a few women thinking of similar endeavors and I’ve been amazed, not only with the impact on them of a simple story… the impact on me, remembering MY OWN past stories that help ME connect with MY OWN future possibilities.

    So, I guess I’m saying to tap into how you yourself have made things happen in the past can be pretty dang encouraging too 😉

  4. ElaineBailey says:

    Thanks Stacey – This is so true… For this is the story of your journey and it’s beautiful to share as it also ignites the passion-pilot light in others too. I came across this quote from Carol Dweck this morning about five minutes before I read your comment:

    “The passion for stretching yourself and sticking to it, even (or especially) when it’s not going well, is the hallmark of the growth mindset. This is the mindset that allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times in their lives.”

    Our own growth lights the way for others…

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