5 Reasons Why Your Team Hates You…

By , May 30, 2012 4:04 pm

 “What’s wrong with my team?? They don’t seem to care about the work they’re doing and things are getting worse. They are not supporting me. I feel like I’m doing everything on my own. What’s wrong with THEM?!”

~ John, a Corporate Leader…

Having people work for you can be challenging whatever business you are in.

Sometimes it feels like herding cats!

Some days you feel it’s easier to do it all yourself because other people don’t do things as well as you do! Why don’t THEY get it?!

Hmm… I wonder why?

This was a real quote from a coaching client, who gave me permission to share it because it was so profound for him. I’ve had similar comments from entrepreneurs who have small teams working for them…

I work with managers who sometimes are unaware of how their own behaviour is impacting their team. They are doing the best they can but wonder why everything is beginning to fall apart. The team is disjointed, lethargic and compliant. They’re just doing enough to get the job done. They have no VA-VA-Vroom!

The truth is that behavior breed’s behaviour. Often a team will mirror the behavior of their leader. You have a powerful impact on the success of your team. You role model the behaviour for others, consciously or unconsciously!

So what’s it like being on the receiving end of you?

Your team doesn’t like you very much. And it’s hard reality for any manager to admit this…

Here are 5 reasons why your team doesn’t like you…

1. You’re not present – You’re never there! You’re always too busy running around doing manager things and you’re never available. If you are with your team you’re not present… In other words you are with them in body but your mind is often elsewhere. You’re not a good listener. Trust me… they know you’re not really listening! You say you’re open to their ideas… but you’re not really…they can see through this!

2. Things are not defined – It’s easy to make assumptions because you know what you want most of the time. Your team is confused because things are not defined for them. Honestly…they don’t know what you want. You want one thing and then change your mind the next day! You’re communication sucks! You might build the plane as you fly it… and this works well for you, but you forget to include your team in the process. You create a team of un-empowered order-takers because no one knows what the hell is going on. You say jump…and they jump. This is NO FUN being on the receiving end of. Get out of your own head and start involving them in the definition.

3. You’re too busy for your team – When you are busy you start to ignore your team as your work takes priority. You feel overwhelmed and get locked into doing rather than leading. Sometimes you feel more comfortable doing the work rather than being strategic (It’s a comfort zone thing). Your team believes that you don’t care about them and they feel that their work is low value. Your lack of leadership affects their motivation and performance.

4. You’re too busy to see what’s happening –Getting locked into busy-ness numbs your focus. You react to symptoms rather than the cause of the issue. Or, you ignore the issue completely in the hope that it will go away. The more you ignore it…the bigger it gets AND the more frustrated your team becomes because they see the problems and try to let you know, but you ignore them or brush their ideas aside. You’re reacting out of fear. They think you’re insane not to listen to them. After all they are closer to the problem. They can help if you’d only let them in.

5. You think YOUR work is more important – Your ego likes to remind you that after all, YOUR work is far more important than your team’s. You’re superior – You’re the boss! You minimize time with team members because you have other MORE important things to do (This is BS by the way!). You’re team think that you don’t really care about them – You’re only interested in results. They may see you as cold, distant, arrogant and uninterested. So they react to this behaviour!

This is not your intention but in life you are judged by your actions: what you say or how you act.

Your behaviour is key…

Leadership is NOT about being nice but it is about being fully present and serving your people to help them be the best they possibly can be, because this reflects on you, your business and your results.

You can’t do everything. If you want to create an effective successful team then you need to involve and empower your team in the decision-making. Be there for them (and they will in turn, be there for you). Work in partnership to get the job done. Your business needs less order-takers and more empowered leaders. Command and control techniques don’t work anymore…give your ego a back seat!

Honestly… You are not superior to anyone else. EVERYONE has equal value, worth and dignity as a human being. Get over your ego – stop managing and start leading – That’s when you’ll truly make things happen.

What’s it REALLY like being on the receiving end of YOU?

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