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October 7, 2010

Volume 1, Issue 2

Published every Thursday.

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I just wanted to thank all of you who emailed me last week saying how much you liked the first edition of WorkBrilliant. I was touched. Thank you for taking time to let me know!

Last week was a busy writing and coaching week. Both are great passions of mine.

In early 2011, I will be launching a new coaching programme and I’m so excited about it. This is what I’m working on just now. Its working title is The Work Brilliant Guide to Powering Your Productivity. This programme is designed to help busy successful people become more productive and take a healthier approach to their work and lifestyle. Some of my coaching clients are already getting a sneak preview of some of the content!

More soon!

This week I thought I’d introduce you to my office team, my Editor…

Yes! That’s him in the picture!

This is Ashley who spends most of the day with me when I’m working and sometimes sneaks in during coaching sessions. Ashley loves working with me, though his workload mainly involves purring, snoring, sitting on papers and editing documents while I’m out of the room!

Today’s article is all about persistence and how to create lift in your own life. So scroll down and check out my 5 Step safety demonstration!

Oh… I nearly forgot…

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Dr. Kelly Beischel

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How to Create Lift Off…

They say it takes up to 65% of an airplane’s fuel just to lift it off the ground.

Do you think that the pilots ever get to the point where they’ve used 55% of their fuel and they look at each other and say, ‘This thing’s not lifting yet, let’s just give up!’

Is there a point where you’ve given it all, the end of the runway is getting closer but you’re still not getting any lift? You just want to give up and walk away from what you’re trying to achieve.

I’ve felt this many times in my life when trying to shift negative patterns and habits that no longer serve me, or when I was putting all my time and effort into starting a new business but still not seeing any of the benefits from all my hard work.

Isn’t it just easier to give up, return to the gate, park up and go get a Starbucks?!

“Sorry folks your flight’s been cancelled, we’re not changing our lives today.”

Pilots know that during take-off there is a point of no return. This comes after a certain amount of throttle and speed has been engaged. You can no longer abort the take off. This is known as the critical point.

This point of no return is also true in our lives when returning to the gate is no longer an option.

Sometimes I feel like I’m tearing down the run way. My intention is clear, and I know that this change is important. I’m uncertain of what’s in front of me, yet I know I don’t want to go back to the old place I’m moving away from. I want to take off and fly; I’m just a little scared of the unknown. Like that pilot, I’ve reached my critical point and take off is my only option if I want to Live On Purpose.

“Most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one-yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game, one foot from a winning touchdown.”

H.Ross Perot
American billionaire and former U.S presidential candidate

Persistence is a common quality of successful people. Sometimes it’s not going to be easy. You face obstacles and criticism that you may not have been able to predict. Sometimes you may feel that the Universe is testing you to the limit about your commitment to this goal.

It’s going to take a lot of energy to get lift off in your life.

I have learned the practice of persistence. Even when the going gets tough I refuse to give up. Instead I choose to learn and grow from each obstacle as I hang in there. I make my decisions from where I want to be and no matter how hard it seems, I eventually break through and create lift off.

As you are in the process of creating lift off in your own life, allow me to give you a five step safety demonstration.

1. Fasten Your Seat Belt – Your seat belt is your Intention. It holds you in your seat. It keeps you grounded and secure in knowing your destination. It holds your attention, despite any turbulence (distraction). You can always adjust the strap, hone your focus and return to your intention.

2. The Life Vest –Your life vest is there in case of the unlikely event of a water landing. It’s about having faith in yourself. Only you can know exactly what your life vest is, but mine are my supportive friends and my coach. What is your life vest?

3. Read the Safety Card – Here’s a thing about that safety card. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves about the systems and processes that work. Even though we think we know them all too well. Use these systems and processes regularly by being persistent and not giving up after the first attempt because it was hard. It’s working through any obstacles, hanging in there, trusting the process, following the system despite not feeling like it.

4. Put on Your Own Safety Mask First – The greatest gift that you can bestow on the world is a happy and healthy you. This is all about looking after yourself on many levels: physically, mentally and spiritually. One thing I’ve learned about me is that when things get so bad I forget about self-care. I then make bad decisions and I can’t get lift off. So I have to remember to go back and put on my own safety mask. Place a high value on your own Self-Care, and take good care of yourself.

5. Enjoy the flight – People think it’s all about the destination. It’s who you become on the destination. That’s what is so important. In fact who you become as you are creating lift off is more important than getting there.

So ladies and gentlemen…

“Fasten your seatbelts. Seatbacks in the upright position, and tray tables stowed…”

Let’s get this baby in the air!

Elaine is the president and founder of Elaine Bailey International Ltd, a company solely devoted to coaching successful women and men into their best lives. She mentors busy corporate people to move away from the chaos and overwhelm of settling and surviving by offering them a whole new approach to productivity, business and lifestyle. Her clients range from nurses, vets, lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, senior executives to creatives, who are ready to take the leading role in their life.

Through her workshops, courses, coaching programmes, and products, Elaine shows her clients how to experience freedom and how to take the control back in a busy life. She shares an inside and out approach to create ultimate abundance and happiness.

Elaine is also an international business coach and Head of Coaching for a highly respected learning and development consultancy business in the UK. She works at senior level in large organisations. She is also an international motivational speaker, whose topics include “Are You in Business or Busy-ness? Four Ways to Get Your Life Back on Purpose.”

If you liked todays issue, you will love Elaine’s high-content coaching programme Unlocking Your Life’s Potential to stop settling and surviving and start creating and thriving in your life. You don’t have to feel crazed or pressured by the pace of modern life. Now is the time to step into your power and live your life on purpose!

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