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Stepping out of the ‘Do-Do’ – Part #1

By , March 16, 2010 3:29 pm


Jennifer, one of my coaching clients, explained recently that she was tired of not having any time for herself. She enjoyed her job and wanted to be successful. But, she had started to realise that being successful came at a price: an extended working week that never seemed to stop! She was reacting to her ever increasing workload and having to work longer hours to get things done. Just when she was getting on top of things her employers would come a long with even more projects to do!

She felt tired, frustrated with her life and out of control.

I have also experienced this in my life. My old philosophy of success (and the philosophy of the company I worked for at the time) was: ‘the longer I worked, the more successful I would be.’


“Most cultures tend to reward people for personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity.”

Tim Ferriss, Author of, The 4 Hour Work Week

I worked extremely long hours in the belief that my superiors would recognise my sacrifice, value my effort and promote me. This philosophy left little time for me, my relationships or my health. They all suffered as a consequence. In fact I started to repel success rather than attract it!

I worked an insane schedule fueled by my need to be successful. I was unconsciously locked into this cycle and could not see a way out, because I was frightened of becoming a failure.

May be you can relate to this?

It’s much easier for us to say ‘Yes’ to more work because we:

  • don’t want to let others down
  • think that this is what is expected of us
  • don’t want them to think that we are not up to the job
  • don’t want to fail

It’s easy to get lost in doing rather than living, our boundaries dissolve and we sacrifice our own values in the process. Our lives become totally reactive as we move from one deadline to the next trying to balance everything and survive.

I call this living in the ‘Do-Do.’

Here’s the thing… life doesn’t have to be reactive. You can take the control back and learn how to Live on Purpose.

The first step is to recognise if you are currently living a reactive life. Are you stuck in the ‘Do-Do’ like Jennifer?

Then you have a choice to make:

  1. To continue reacting and rushing around in chaos feeling out of control
  2. To consciously learn how to be proactive and change the way that you approach the busy-ness in your life.


You decide…

The next blog post will share some practical techniques on how you can begin to Step Out of the ‘Do-Do’ of reactivity and tackle Busy-ness head on!

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