Make Decisions From Where You Want to Be…

By , April 10, 2013 1:00 am

Make Decisions From Where You Want to Be

“When you make decisions from where you want to be, you become what you want to be!”

~Christine Kane, Singer-Songwriter and Mentor

Much of my early adult life was spent trying to please everyone else. I lived my life according to my perception of other people’s expectations and opinions of how I should behave and who I should be.

I became very good at it, but I felt like I was leading the wrong life. Deep inside I knew that this wasn’t the REAL me.

I was lost, confused and very unhappy. At the time, I didn’t know why.

Six years ago I took a leap of faith that changed my life. I decided to look for something more. This led me to attending my first ever women’s retreat in the USA. It was here that I realized I wanted to become my essential self.

So I went on a quest to find what I called: ‘Pure Elaine’. This was my clear vision. I didn’t know what ‘Pure Elaine’ looked like but deep down I knew how it felt and this was my compass.

It was to be a dramatic shift, one that has changed my life completely not just with business, but internal too.

Ultimately Pure Elaine led me to create my business and I resigned from the (well paid) corporate job that I’d outgrown. I put faith in the Universe and followed my heart. Step by step a path unfolded before me.

During this entire time I made decisions NOT from where I WAS but from where I WANTED to be.

This was a hard thing to do because the naysayers around me constantly mentioned the ‘economy.’ It’s so easy pull back as you listen to ‘how brave you are starting a business in THIS climate.’ ‘I wouldn’t make any decisions right now.’ Their advice was to stay small, safe and still, and wait for things to get better on their own.

Instead, I continued my quest and things started to open up for me. I received requests to run workshops from former colleagues and friends. I delivered a Keynote Speech in Arizona which led to over ten percent of the audience signing up for coaching! I developed my BrilliantLife™ Coaching Program and WorkBrilliant® Coaching Solutions™ was born! I’ve not looked back!

My mentor doesn’t recognise me. I’m a totally different person today…

Here’s what I’ve learned…

When you make decisions from where you want to be, you become what you want to be!

As I changed, my life opportunities opened up for me and things just started to happen. I continued to take forward motion, one step at a time. I listened to my heart instead of my limiting beliefs and learned to recognise struggle and efforting as symptoms of me being in resistance.

1. Don’t move away from what you don’t want (e.g. I hate my job!). Instead, get clear and move towards what you do want. Shift your energy before taking action. Change your internal dialogue to ‘towards’ language instead of ‘away from.’ Your job is to align to your intention and get into the flow! As you relax and let go everything begins to flow. Doors will start to open.

2. Set a clear intention about the life style you want to live. What does it look like, sound like and feel like? Notice how it makes your heart sing! Be the person you want to be – NOW! Start embodying how you want to show up every day. Use your Intention as a mantra to become that person. For example, if you want to be a confident speaker. Set your Intention and say to yourself: ‘I am a confident speaker.’

3. Challenge your beliefs about money and work. Stop being a prisoner here – you’re now in transition. Focus on what you appreciate about your current job, the people and what you’ve learned. You don’t have to quit tomorrow! Use it as a springboard to open doors for new opportunities, stop resisting and relax a little more.

4. Step out of your common surroundings and do something different. Make a commitment to start creating forward motion today (take that training course, join the gym!). Be consistent so it becomes part of your daily practice – creating true empowerment. As you do what you love, you step into your higher self.

5. Courage involves not waiting for us to become courageous, but by being courageous. If you practice the above, then you’ll not feel like you’re making a huge courageous decision when the opportunity arrives or inspiration comes to you. It will feel right and true. Step into your power today and stop worrying about the HOW – the Universe has this covered! Trust me!

Start making decisions from where you want to be…

5 Responses to “Make Decisions From Where You Want to Be…”

  1. Jovanna says:

    This is a beautiful post, Elaine. You are such an inspiration!

  2. Karen says:

    This is just what I needed to read this morning!

  3. elaine says:

    Hi Karen – Glad this helped

  4. Hi Elaine,

    This is one of the most inspiring and motivational posts I have ever read. And I needed to read this today of all days.With much gratitude!

  5. elaine says:

    Thanks Anne-Marie! Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!

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