Doing it Scared!

By , November 15, 2012 2:25 am

“Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?”

~ Jimmy Johnson, Coach – Dallas Cowboys

Fear is a natural element of forward motion.

It’s easy to attend an inspirational event, be surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people and set some challenging and exciting goals. With such inspiration around you how could you fail?

On returning home your goal becomes more challenging because you’re on your own again. The voices of inspiration have been replaced with that one internal solitary voice of fear: ‘Yea…But…’ Your goal suddenly seems bigger and scarier than ever. The mountain is suddenly much steeper to climb and fraught with danger because:

• You’re opening yourself to cynicism and criticism
• You’re putting yourself out there BIG time
• You’re leaping outside of your comfort zone and exposing yourself
• You’re taking some risks that go against your natural instincts to be safe
• You’re going to face roadblocks and challenges along the way

Here’s how one of my clients described their fear of success. She starts with the Possibility of Success:

[Possibility of Success>>Fear>>Procrastination>>Suffocation>>
Reset myself>>Possibility of Success]

Fear is such a powerful emotion and causes us to back track and question our original decision. We begin to wallow in procrastination and we are suffocated by self-doubt and excuses NOT to get started. Hesitancy creeps in as we loop around in our circle of fear making worry and anxiety more intense. Each cycle youreset yourself smaller as your power is dissolved away.

This is where most people stop…Road closed!

They divert to take an easier route, a half-way compromise, or they put their goal (and dreams) back on the shelf. They back down and tread carefully through life avoiding any dis-comfort.

You can break out of this cycle.

Here are some things we know about fear…

Fear is Biological and linked to our fight and flight mechanisms controlled by our Lizard Brain. Our Lizard warning alarm will sound when we step out of our comfort zone, feel uncomfortable or perceive danger ahead. Our brain cannot differentiate whether the threat is physical or mental. This legacy still remains as part of our make-up when our bodies go into red alert.

Fear Exists – Acknowledge this and recognise it as just a natural part of the process of forward motion. Most of the good stuff in life involves taking some risk. Risk brings opportunity to learn and grow. Fear doesn’t mean give up! It’s part of the process of success. Make your unconscious roadblocks conscious and begin to recognise what is coming up for you. You can then develop strategies for dealing with it.

Fear Creates Objections Why You Shouldn’t Do It – “I don’t know how I’m going to get new clients!”Or the voice in your head reminds you only about what you’re giving up: “It means that I’ll not have a company car anymore!” or “I might lose all my savings.” Writing these down and consciously knowing your objections allow you to deal with them. These concerns are usually the triggers of your procrastination. You can challenge these and overcome them.

Fear Creates Memories of the Future – Humans have the amazing ability to create memories of the future in our head that feel real. These are a combination of pictures, sounds or feelings. We imagine what the future outcome is going to be like. You create fantasy of becoming a bag lady on the street and create your own internal movie of your self-fulfilling prophecy of doom of how things might play out. As kids we used to use our imagination to pretend we were a super hero or our favourite characters on TV. We’d act out scenarios believing to be these people. Hmm… Interesting how the adult mind uses this same ability to project so much negativity! The movie in our head isn’t real. Replace those memories of the future with your vision and dreams. Re-align to your goal and view things differently.

Fear Makes the Wall Look Bigger – When we hit a roadblock it’s easy to become mis-aligned. You step out of congruency with your goal. After all it’s scary doing something bigger. So it’s important to check in with your intention every single day. Claim back your power to make things happen. Get back up and re-align to your WHY. Ask yourself: “What have I learnt here?” Then step back in fully – over and over again. Keep going tweaking things that don’t work along the way.

To overcome fear you firstly need to be able to recognise and name it. Remember, fear is just a natural part of the process to success.

“Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”

Frederick Wilcox

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