Your Life -For a Limited Period Only!

By , April 27, 2011 10:10 pm

“Only your right life feels like freedom, and only freedom feels like your right life. Where you feel trapped, change.”

—Martha Beck, Author and Coach.

It’s so easy to spend much of our lives living from the Outside-In. Denying ourselves joy and happiness because we feel trapped and scared to change. We get lost in distraction and busy-ness and our intuitive voice becomes muted and lost Inside.

Life is ALL about transition because nothing stays the same.

Think about it… We are in constant motion yet we often fight change and cling onto what used to be. People and things come in and out of our life. As we grow our roles change as we are in constant flow.

We can’t always control it but we can learn to embrace it. If you master transition you can really cope with anything!

Here’s the choice as I see it:

  1. You can become a friend of change and continue to grow.
  2. You can resist it, become trapped and eventually get run over by it.

I’m making some really big transitions this year that are shifting me way out of my comfort zone and into the Unknown.

I’ve decided to buy a house. My furniture has been in storage behind these huge metal doors (on the left of this picture) since December 2009. I’ve only visited  three times to de-clutter boxes. The rest of my stuff sleeps in suspended animation locked behind these doors, waiting for me to return and haul them to the next destination that I choose to call my home.

I purposely didn’t visit here because it reminded me about all the decisions that I still had to make. Instead, I kept away and continued to pay my storage fee. Unconsciously this allowed me to avoid having to make any decisions about what to keep and where I wanted to live.

These doors are a great metaphor for me. It’s amazing how we can ‘steel door’ things:

  • How we can pack away our own freedom and happiness into a box and lock it away for later.
  • How we can hold onto things that we no longer like or that no longer serve us.
  • How we can stay stuck.
  • How we can feel trapped even though we hold the key to the lock.

What are you clinging onto?

May be it’s Great Aunt Maud’s old bookcase (That you’ve never liked but inherited)?

Perhaps it’s your job that just isn’t exciting anymore but you continue to turn up and go through the motions?

Whether what you’re holding onto is physical or psychological the drain of life force is the same.

I realised how physical or mental clutter can rob us of energy, hold us back, fog our clarity and suffocate our intuition. Clinging on is like a disease, it becomes more chronic the longer you hold on.

I’ve chosen to open those doors and Spring-clean my life from the Inside-Out. My increased self-awareness has made me realise that it’s time to let go of a few things and embrace change.

After all – Life is for a limited period only – So my friends, make the most of it.

Choose your right life and embrace change.

2 Responses to “Your Life -For a Limited Period Only!”

  1. Ursula says:

    I love this Elaine! Especially what you wrote about not opening the door even though we hold the key – it’s so easy to stay unconscious and not make active decisions. I know I’ve done that for quite a while. Now, I have woken up! And so have you – great to see so much unfolding for you, my friend, as you step into your right life!

  2. elaine says:

    Thanks Ursula! You’re so right about us staying unconscious and not making active decisions. I’ve done this a lot in my life in the past – staying stuck and unhappy.

    See you very soon!

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