Recommit to Your Goal

By , February 5, 2011 7:31 pm

“Commitment gets you started and propels you through the early stages of any game, but it’s recommitment that ignites your reserves when you feel like giving up.”

Gay Hendrick, Author, The Big Leap

I love this quote especially because it is so true!

I was coaching a client recently who came up against the challenge of low energy and distraction.

He was100% committed to his goal of Self Investment and growth. He ‘got’ how important this was for his personal success. However, in the busy-ness of his working life he would get lost in the do-do of doing and forget about the value he’d placed on his own personal development.

He allowed other bright shiny objects and distractions to pull his attention away and steer him off course. The scheduled time for his high valued personal investment was sacrificed in those moments of low energy and reactivity.

He became frustrated for allowing this to happen. Over time he started to believe that he wasn’t cut out to be successful as his ego took over to look for external evidence to support his belief.

Sure enough, his ego provided evidence!

My client spiralled into self-doubt and wavered off course because he was too busy being distracted and reacting to other people’s demands on him. He’d forget about the commitment he had made to himself and it slipped down his priority list.

Here’s how I’ve learnt to recommit…

We all need to be reminded of the things that are important to us because there’s so much going on it’s easy to forget what we have committed to. We all hit wobbly moments where our attention wanders and our energy is focused off course.

1. Breathe – Take a step back from the situation and your ego. Create some space to get clear again. Remember WHY the thing you have committed to is important and of high value. Re-ignite your commitment.

2. Adopt a No Excuses Policy – This requires a full decision on your part to be 100% present. This includes 100% engagement of your energy. It’s a done deal when it comes to your daily discipline to making it happen. There are no exceptions, it’s just what you do (Like brushing your teeth every day!).

3. Write it down – To remind you. Create a success mantra on small cards or sticky posts and put them in places where you’ll see them throughout the day. I use sticky notes in my car, on my computer, by my bed and posted on my office wall. All of these are prompts to remind me daily of my key commitments in my life. A written reminder helps me to stay on track.

4. Notice when you feel off centre – Learn to pay attention to your body. You’ll notice when things feel out of alignment or something doesn’t feel right. Don’t just ignore it and carry on. Take action to step back in and re-align yourself to your goal.

5. Watch Your Language – Look out for shoulds, musts and oughts creeping into your language. These indicate a sense of duty rather than a sense of freedom. Look out for getting stuck in a rut and using these as excuses to pull you away from your goal.

Recommitting to your goal is a continuous process if you want to be successful.

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