Getting Started!

By , November 20, 2010 6:50 pm

“Everyone who got to where they are had to begin where they were.”

Richard Paul Evans, Author

Several years ago Jenny wanted to be a coach. She’d taken her goal very seriously. She’d read loads of books, attended coaching workshops and successfully completed a Diploma in Coaching. She still wasn’t ready.

When I started to coach her she told me that she just needed to research things a little more before she was ready to be a successful coach.

Jenny wanted to start successful and be perfect before she became a coach. She was waiting for the perfect time to begin!

If you’re waiting for all the planets to align in your favour or for the right moment when you have reached perfection -you’ll be waiting a VERY long time!

Many of us have a dream or goal. We get clear and set our intention and then get overwhelmed or scared before we even begin the journey. We get bogged down in the detail and the journey doesn’t begin at all.

We know it in theory but never make that final leap into action.

The key to being a successful is simply to BEGIN…Just get started!

I started out as a trainer at Yorkshire Bank training people how to cashier. I was a lousy trainer to begin with. I read everything out loud from my manual and didn’t understand why people looked bored! That manual was my life line. I had tonnes to learn. I was terrified of doing it wrong! I quickly found a great mentor (who is still one of my best friends 22 years later!)

Here’s what I’ve learnt about getting started

1. Learn as you go – Most of my best learning experiences have been on-the-job actively coaching, training, or delivering a speech. The essentials of being an awesome coach can’t be learnt from a book. It’s learnt during each coaching session.

2. Fear is an over-rated excuse – Fear can stop you from beginning anything. You stay stuck and never move forward. If you’re frightened, recognise this and move forward despite it. A coach can help you act despite feeling uncomfortable.

3. Be Imperfectly Perfect – Feedback helps you knock off the rough edges and enables you to perfect your skill. It’s good to take imperfect action this is how you learn, grow and build confidence. Take a risk, try something different. Commit to continuous improvement – Because there isn’t a final destination point where you’re done!

4. Begin from wherever you are – Be willing to start now – Stop waiting! Begin action by taking small steps each day. Do what it takes and build momentum. Be persistent and hang in there despite any obstacles.

5. Only YOU can do it – You are personally responsible for creating YOUR life. Make things happen. Getting what you want involves using some ‘…ation’ words

  1. Inspiration – Being creative and having vision
  2. Destination – Defining clarity and intention
  3. Perspiration – Taking imperfect action every day. Just do it!
  4. Motivation – Re-aligning to your WHY to keep momentum
  5. Determination – Taking action when you don’t feel like it
  6. Realisation – Achieving success – Yay!
  7. Celebration – Recognise and enjoy your success along the journey!

As a good friend of mine says:

“Do it scared!”

…Get started today and have some FUN!

9 Responses to “Getting Started!”

  1. Anna says:

    Jenny must be a fact-finder 🙂 Great column!

  2. Mackie says:

    I will pass this on to my classmates in coaching with Martha Beck. You describe exactly what a lot of us are going through! (I’m a fact finder, Anna!) No time like the present! Great post.

  3. Yep – Jenny is a fact-finder! Thanks for stopping by!

    Mackie – Thanks for reading and I hope your classmates find it useful. Thanks for sharing!

    I base a lot of my writing from my coaching experiences. Check out my ezine too – Next week’s article is all about ego!

    I’m a Quick Start! Though you probably knew that already! (Kolbe A Index 🙂 )

  4. Mindful Mimi says:

    Hi Elaine,
    Great post and I totally agree with you. I am taking actions every day, imperfectly. But it’s all me. And I am learning, every day, too. And it’s all getting better. And I look fear in the eye and smile 🙂 not always, but more and more often.
    Thanks for a good post for my weekend.

  5. elaine says:

    Miranda – This is great! Christine mentioned a mantra during Uplevel Live… ‘Isn’t this fun?!’ I tend to remind myself of this EVERYTIME I’m looking fear in the face!

    Taking risks and being imperfectly perfect is what life is ALL about for me! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    P.s. I LOVE your blogs!

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