What Might THEY Think of Me?

By , August 28, 2010 5:35 pm

“Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.”

Dorothy Thompson, Journalist.

I was reminded about this quotation this week as I was coaching a manager who was hesitant to follow his belief because of the fear of what other people might think.

Sometimes working in the corporate world can make us anxious because we’re worried about what THEY think! Will THEY approve? THEY might not like it! THEY might be against what I have to say. THEY could be your boss, colleagues or your staff (By the way, this doesn’t just happen at work – THEY can also be family, friends or anyone you interact with!).

If you allow THEM to influence and limit your choice you base your decisions on what other people think, rather than what YOU think.

You waste time, effort and energy worrying about what other people might think about your ideas, goals, appearance or desires.

Seriously, it’s really hard work trying to second guess what other people might think!

According to a poll in the Guardian Newspaper, Sociophobia was the No2 top phobia in the UK in 2006 (Arachnophobia was No1.). Sociophobia is an irrational persistent fear of certain situations. For example, fear of being ridiculed or embarrassed in social situations. This fear can become addictive and prevent us from achieving our goals.

Here’s the truth from my experience… most people are too busy worrying about themselves to be sat thinking about you. They might be thinking about you, but only to the extent of asking what you might be thinking about them!

I believe that what others think about you is their business and not yours. Your business is about getting clear and basing your decisions on what you want to be, do and have in your life. Other people may have opinions. This is perfectly okay. Just remember that you cannot change other people, but you can change your thinking and you always have a choice.

So the next time that you’re getting anxious about THEM and what they might think, why not use that time, effort and energy in a different way: to get clear, re-focus on your intention and think about how you could take some action towards achieving your goals and dreams?

Follow your heart.

You never know, THEY might approve!

2 Responses to “What Might THEY Think of Me?”

  1. Tammy Vitale says:

    Indeed! Great post Elaine!

  2. elaine says:

    Thanks Tammy for stopping by 🙂

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