‘Swallows and Amazons’ – Freedom Friday

By , July 17, 2010 12:46 pm

You know… adults don’t have enough fun!

What happens to us as we grow up?

Our daily roles and responsibilities make us forget that life is also meant to be fun. We go about our daily duties, settling and surviving from one week to the next. Our inner child stays locked up inside us. Our adult runs the show and life can become a little dull. Things are expected of us and we learn how to behave to be successful in those many roles.

On this journey we can forget to take time to use our imagination and have some fun. After all having fun is for kids right?!

Here’s another way to look at this…

It’s great to take time away from all those responsibilities and roles that we have to play in our lives and re-awaken that kid inside us. That kid is still there waiting for an opportunity to ‘play out.’ We just don’t allow it very often.

Yesterday was ‘Freedom Friday’…

This is exactly what we did on a canal boat day out. We let out 17 inner kids to play with water and REAL boats!

You can’t MAKE someone have fun or tell them to have fun. All you can do is to create some space and add a few ingredients and then allow it to just unfold organically.

This is exactly what happened on our two little boats yesterday!

Here’s our recipe for re-awakening the child within:

1. Hire two 12 seater narrow boats

2. Add 17 proessional training consultants and support staff – who are usually 100% committed to working hard for their clients and ready for a day off!

3. Buy water pistols and Super Soaker pump action water guns – Place them all in one boat!

4. Add a sprinkling of pirate hats, captain hats and eye patches! – Plus optional pirate accent!

5. Moor up for a pub lunch!

Mix together and allow the day to unfold…

Think about it for a moment…

What happens when you give someone a Super Soaker pump action water gun?

They’re going to use it – out comes the inner child!

Our adult team of professional people turned into an amazing fun loving group of kids. Me, for sure, I returned to a 12 year old tom boy and was jumping from boat to boat trying to grab water pistols and avoid getting completely soaked (I was pretty poor at both).

I was no longer a 40+ year old, I was my inner kid again playing out with my friends!

It reminded me of the children’s books by Arthur Ransome and especially Swallows and Amazons where children had loads of adventures sailing in the summer holidays! I unashamedly was actually ‘playing out’ with my friends!

It wasn’t our business team day – It REALLY was Swallows and Amazons! Something shifted for me – we weren’t just colleagues anymore we’re all friends.

…Just for a few hours…

A few hours later we all got back into our company cars and drove back to our adult lives.

It was wonderful…

Take time out to just have some fun.

Even if just for a few hours!

4 Responses to “‘Swallows and Amazons’ – Freedom Friday”

  1. Tammy Vitale says:

    here’s to playing! grandson is big on pirate hats and eye patches! And swords – but mostly they’re renaissance swords or maybe the ones from starwars. I guess it really doesn’t matter does it?!

  2. elaine says:

    Nope I guess it doesn’t! 🙂 He’d have loved a day out with us on these barges!

  3. Nadine says:

    Elaine, I’m glad we were on the same boat, your tactics were cunning 🙂

  4. Thanks Nadine! I was glad too! 🙂

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