Mastermind Magic!

By , June 7, 2010 3:06 pm

“When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work towards a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.”

Napoleon Hill, Author, Think and Grow Rich

I’m writing this from 35,000 feet above the Atlantic!

I’m flying home after spending an amazing few days in the presence of 13 extremely successful entrepreneurial women. We all met in Tucson, Arizona for our second Platinum Group Coaching Mastermind Retreat led by our awesome coach-mentor, Christine Kane.

This experience was life changing for me. It has shifted my energy and focus to a different level than I ever could have imagined achieving on my own.

Coaching masterminds really work…

I first read about the concept of masterminds several years ago in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. I understood the principle straight away. However, it was not until I was actually part of a mastermind group that I really understood this powerful tool for success.

Being in tune with a group of like-minded people creates a powerful life force. Collectively we create a significant force of energy that is available to all of us in the group. This powerful energy comes to us from each person in the group and is magnified like a mirror intensifies the power of light from the sun. It truly is a magical experience on many levels: spiritual, practical and behavioural. In our two days together we have achieved so much more than if we were working alone. You could actually feel the positive energy and power of the group!

Here are 5 reasons why masterminds are so powerful…

  1. Collective energy trumps ego – Everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter if you are in business start up or you’re already running a multi-million $ business. We are human beings first; we have equal value, worth and dignity. No one is judging you. You get to be your authentic self both in your personal and business life. Ego is replaced by a collective energy for success. The group creates a safe environment for you to be yourself.
  2. Get a new perspective – My mastermind is composed of professionals from many walks of life. We all bring our unique experiences to the group, both from personal and business perspectives. This creates a different perspective and helps me to move beyond my own limited map of the world. Masterminds can also be formed from people in similar industries or professions.
  3. It stretches you – Like-minded people share ideas, knowledge, experience, information and feedback. The most valuable feedback I’ve ever received has come from the wonderful people in my mastermind. They are open, honest and comfortable enough to share the truth. They provide a sounding board for your ideas. You also get to find out: ‘What is it like being on the receiving end of me?’ You get to step out of your comfort zone and work through your Edges.
  4. The value of accountability – When you commit verbally to the group you are more likely to take action. The group keeps you accountable because it helps you to take responsibility to meet deadlines and achieve your goals. Accountability creates energy. This creates motivation and momentum. You make faster progress to the achievement of your goals.
  5. We’re all honking for you! – Just like geese honk support to the leader when they are flying in formation. The group is there for you. They provide extra energy and support exactly when you need it. You have your back covered! People are genuinely excited about you achieving your goals. When people have a common direction and a sense of community you can manifest your goals and dreams easier because you are travelling with the velocity of the group. Wherever I travel in the world the power of the mastermind is always with me, it’s just an email away.

I’m full of gratitude for the women in the photograph above. Over the last few days they shared their wisdom and love with me. This blog post is dedicated to them.

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