A Fun Activity For Frequent Flyers…

By , June 16, 2010 10:17 pm

This is just a bit of fun…

If you’re a frequent flyer here’s a quick fun activity to help you pass the time when you’re next waiting at the gate.

It’s interesting how people position themselves around the gate when waiting to board a flight.

Try this quick people watching activity…

Here are a few characters to look out for…

  1. Well-endowed Hand Luggage! This person totally ignores any hand luggage rules and is completely over generous with his/her baggage allowance. It’s usually very abundant! Possibly over-stuffed and they are struggling moving it, while trying to blend in with the scenery in an attempt to be unnoticed by the Ground Staff. They are often found staring at their luggage mentally trying to shrink it by an inch so that it WILL fit in the overhead bin! They usually mutter, ‘Well it usually fits in the bins on other planes!” or “It’s okay…it will…(pause while energy is exerted to try to force the bag in the bin) …fit in!”
  2. The Out of Tune Singer – This is usually a male business traveller who’s wearing big Bose earphones and singing along very loudly to the music on their IPod while being totally oblivious to the following: 1) anyone else around them 2) that their singing is completely out of tune and sounds like they’re actually in pain!
  3. I’m Privileged – Has enough frequent flyer points and preferred status cards to probably ‘buy’ the plane! They have an air of confidence about them. Their ego is fed by their Platinum/Envoy/1st Class always status. They stand posed about 10 feet from the gate, in readiness to be called after the ‘Pre-board’ announcements. They casually show off their ‘Zone 1’ ‘Envoy’ ‘I get to sit right at the front’ status to anyone who has a conversation with them. There’s an air of ‘smug-ness’ when you tell them your sat in seat 37B next to the toilets!
  4. The Competitive Incher – This interesting dance has a competitive edge. It’s all about getting on the plane first! These people pretend to be interested in the free magazines on the stand near the gate because they get six inches closer. They flick through any magazine to hand pretending to be interested in it. Or they intensely study the drinks machine for an uncomfortable amount of time to anyone observing them. It’s all about positional strategy. Driven by the motive ‘Gotta get on the plane 1st.’ Look out because once the boarding announcement is made it’s everyone for him/her self!
  5. The Miracle Worker – This person uses the ‘people with a disability’ pre-boarding announcement as an opportunity to play on an old leg injury or fake a limp to beat the Competitive Incher to 1st place in the boarding queue! I have witnessed people with pronounced limps be totally cured by the magic of air travel. They limp on the plane and then when we land they sprint off first  to catch their connecting flight (no limp!). It might be divine intervention or perhaps something in the coffee!?

How to score per flight:

  • You get one point for each one you spot!
  • You get double points if you recognise yourself here!

I’ve been guilty of all of these except The Miracle Worker! I’ve managed to spot 3 out of 5 on one flight!

Come back to my site and let me know the score from your next trip!

What other categories of people have you spotted?

Happy and fun travels!

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  1. Isabella says:

    Aaah yes I’ve seen all of them except no. 5 and thankfully no. 2 not too often. I saw one person with 5 carry on pieces, but clipped three of them together because that somehow made it ok. the joys of air travel. Great game to play to ease the stress.

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