9 Reasons WHY YOU Should Have a Coach…

By , March 11, 2010 5:23 pm

“Learn as if you were going to live forever.ManHelpingHand
Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.”

Mahatma Gandhi

I love this quotation for two reasons:

  • I love learning and I love life! This sums up my passion and energy.
  • I clearly remember when and where I first read these words and why self-investment is hugely important to me.

These few words changed my life on many levels!

Here’s my story…

The first time I came across this quotation was on a little business card placed upon my pillow as part of the turn down service at the Mövenpick Hotel & Resort, Beirut, Lebanon. It was the evening of 12 July, 2006. For the previous two weeks this amazing hotel had been my home and workplace while I trained groups of managers on various leadership programmes. I’d also been blessed to immerse myself in the culture and friendliness of the people. That night, I went to sleep to the sound of a firework display at the resort. The next morning I left the hotel and flew back to the UK.

I returned home to find that I’d actually flown out of Lebanon just in time because a few hours after my flight there had been Israeli airstrikes across Beirut destroying the airport, lighthouse and four bridges along the coast road. The same road I had walked only a few days before, where I’d watched families playing on the beach. A war had begun there. The bombing continued to destroy the city and surrounding areas for many days. Those fireworks were actually gun fire in the hillside outside Beirut! I had been very lucky to get out that morning (others were stranded, caught in the cross-fire for over a week before aircraft carriers came to their rescue).

My thoughts instantly turned to the welfare of the people that I had trained. I frantically sent emails to check that they (and their families) were okay. Fortunately they were all safe and had taken refuge outside of the city. Danger, uncertainty and fleeing to the hillside were a normal part of their life. It certainly wasn’t normal for me and this experience created a shift in my thinking. For the first time, I’d witnessed the fragility of life and the importance of really living On Purpose. I remembered the little card that I’d enjoyed reading only the night before:

“Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.”

This quotation became my mantra. I still have this card and carry it with me in my wallet every day, wherever I travel.

What’s THIS got to do with coaching?

It’s ALL about self-investment. Do you value your life enough to invest in yourself?

I LOVE being a coach and being coached!

Why do I need a coach?

Here’s how I see it. Yes, I am a certified, practicing coach. It’s really not about having the qualifications, more importantly, it’s about demonstration of the qualifications in terms of how I show up and actually help my clients to move forward and make the changes they want to experience in their life.

Having qualifications doesn’t mean that my learning is done!

So, I will always have a coach.

Here’s 9 reasons WHY YOU should have a coach:

  • I value me – enough to invest in myself. I’ve learned that if I wait for someone to come and rescue me or the organization that I work for to develop me that I could be waiting a VERY long time. I have learned to recognize the value of me enough to know I’m worth investing in. I’m passionate about learning and growing, it is an important part of my life because it helps me to Live On Purpose. There is something really powerful about investing in YOU.
  • It’s hard to go it alone – I’ve learned that I can’t do it all alone. Sometimes we need help and support. A coach always provides that beacon of light in the darkness. A lighthouse in the storm, so that you can safely navigate back to port. She is always there for you. She holds your hand and walks with you. She helps you navigate back to your centre and find your way home.
  • Help with your clarity – A coach helps you to get clear and say what you really want. Even when you think that you don’t know! She helps to clear away the noise and distraction.
  • A coach believes in you – A coach has the wisdom to see a BIGGER and GREATER you. She has vision to see your potential and ability even when you can’t see it and you’re stuck in your shrinky-ness. She sees you already there, being successful and Living On Purpose. She’s not interested in dwelling in the past. The focus is the present and how you can take steps to move forward and grow. She helps you be authentic and true to yourself. It’s a partnership.
  • Holds you accountable – A coach keeps you accountable. You have someone to answer to. She helps you to make and keep promises with yourself. This stops procrastination and creates discipline, persistence and motivation and you achieve your goals!
  • Celebrates your successes – Whether it’s saying ‘no’ to someone at work, getting out of bed in the morning and actually going to the gym or developing a successful kick ass coaching programme, a coach will recognize and reflect back your successes. She’s there to remind you of the baby steps you’ve taken and the growth you’ve achieved. This drives momentum and makes you want to achieve even more! Bring it on!
  • Is your mirror – A coach has a 6th sense (I swear mine has!). A coach is sensitive to your emotions and moods. She recognizes and understands the negative mindsets that block your thinking and helps you create new patterns of thinking that align with your intention. She reflects back your leaky language when you’re playing small and helps you turn it around. You get to experience “what is it like being on the receiving end of you?” in a safe and creative environment.
  • Makes you feel great – A coach will make you feel better about the situation and yourself. I’ve witnessed this reflected in my client’s faces. They come into a session full of stress and pressure, looking tired and pale. They leave relaxed and the colour has returned to their face. They’re ready to kick ass and make things happen. They take back the control of their situation. A coach makes the un-doable become doable!
  • Having a coach helps you to BECOME a coach – Experiencing being coached is an awesome gift. Knowing what it’s like to be coached helps you to be fully present for anyone you interact with. You become committed to them in the same way as your coach is to you. You’re living and coaching from the inside- out and helping others to do the same.

Me? I’m going to “Learn as if I’m going to live forever” because I believe that my learning and growth will NEVER be done.

What a GREAT investment to make!

Do you value your life enough to invest in yourself?

20 Responses to “9 Reasons WHY YOU Should Have a Coach…”

  1. Ursula says:

    Hi Elaine,

    GREAT post! And I love the cute guy reaching out to give you a hand (now THAT is motivating!)

  2. Tammy Vitale says:

    Elaine – awesome post! So glad I invested in myself – otherwise I would never have the chance of getting to know and share my own journey with you! You go, Girl!

  3. Colleen O'Grady says:

    You are so right. What a poignant experience to get the value of your life. A life coach is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself. I know having one has dramatically changed my life.

  4. Mindful Mimi says:

    Hi Elaine,
    First time I’m actually making it to your blog/site. Love it!
    And this article is just so true. Christine helped me realise that too 🙂
    If you ever make it to Luxembourg, let me know.

  5. Laura says:

    Elaine, your web site is lovely. I like that you really developed the many benefits of having a coach. You might add that it’s fun….except when your coach calls you on your stuff!

  6. Great article, Elaine! I am new to coaching myself and I think this will be very useful to people who have never worked with a coach before.

  7. elaine says:

    Thanks for the comments. I’m thrilled you love the website and it’s improved look. We were aiming for clean and clear.

    Ursula – glad you like the picture!I’m sending him over to be your coach! 🙂
    Tammy – I’m so glad you invested in yourself and I love it that I get to know and share your journey of growth – awesome!

    Colleen – Thanks for stopping by and I agree – coaching has completely changed my life too.

    Miranda – Hey welcome to my site girl! I’ll let you know if I’m ever training or coaching in Luxembourg – that would be fun!

    Laura – Fun absolutely! Being called on your stuff (or having your ass kicked as we call it!) is the sign of a great coach. One that holds the mirror up to you and reflects back your behaviour.I find that those are the times when the big shifts really occur.

    Michele – Thanks for the feedback – Enjoy your coaching! I just KNOW you will get some much from it. You have an awesome coach too!

  8. Sue says:

    Wow, I’ve never heard that entire story. It makes what seems like nice words on a card jump to life and look you in the eyes! And how great that you took that tragedy and learned from it in a life-changing way.

    I didn’t know that coaches like you existed until 2 years ago. And it’s been a transformative experience for me – as it will be for everyone who is fortunate enough to have you as their coach!

    Great article!

  9. Love love love the website and all your posts!! I been mired in the busy-ness of my securing and then rolling with my new job and haven’t been able to keep up with my favorite peeps. Your story is phenomenal and how you’ve turned it into this…well you go girl!! I am so proud of you and all you are doing to help those who aren’t quite there yet.

  10. elaine says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments and feedback.

    Kathy – ‘Yay’ to the new job and rolling with it – you’ll settle in in no time I’m sure! Thanks for calling by 🙂

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  12. elaine says:

    Renata this is fine – just create a link to my site – thanks so much and real glad you found this post helpful

  13. Auctions says:

    I think you have made some nice points here. Not many people would actually think about this the way you just did. Im really impressed that theres so much about this good subject thats been uncovered and you did it so well. Good one, man! Really nice stuff here.

  14. Raymundo Noy says:

    Interesting read, perhaps the best article iv’e browse today. We learn everyday cheers to you!

  15. Nyswonger says:

    Well written post. In fact I like the whole blog. Did not browse through each entry but I thought you people might want to know that I bookmarked you and will certainly come back here pretty soon.

  16. Art Momond says:

    Easily, the article is actually the sweetest on this notable topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your upcoming updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the fantastic lucidity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates. Fabulous work and much success in your business dealings.

  17. kimberely says:

    Elaine, your beautiful smile and voice ring out in this article — you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you, reading your wonderful articles is really helping me to stay On Purpose since coming home to some pretty intense hills to climb. You ROCK, woman!

    (This is a really amazing story your share here, that speaks right to the heart. As a practicing Buddhist, I really get the ‘live like you are dying’. Things become crystal clear, yes?)

    In gratitude,
    kimberely @unshakablesoul

  18. elaine says:

    Kimberely – How lovely to read you here this morning! Thank you for this it means a lot. Have an awesome Thursday! You ROCK girl! (How’s the goat doing btw?! 😉 )

  19. Shannon Jo Arritola says:

    Elaine, thanks for the excellent and uplifting story and article!
    You rock! … and you can send that cute guy to be my coach too!! LOL 🙂

  20. elaine says:

    Thanks Shannon for stopping by! Glad you liked the article 🙂 Have an awesome week!

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