You're about to discover how to stop letting life unconsciously
and reactively happen to you and how to start
living your life on-purpose.

Dear Friend,

What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling great and "on purpose?"

How would it feel to have clarity, purpose and focus, knowing exactly what you want to do?

What would it be like to have trust in your own power and not worry, feel anxious or feel stuck in a rut that you can't see your way out?

How would it feel to have energy and balance in your daily life?

What would it be like to feel in control of your life and be successful?

What would it be like to go to work each day to a job you really love?

Do these statements make you want to say -- "Sounds wonderful in an ideal world but..?"


A few years ago I wouldn't have believed it.


I would have said the same thing.

I was too busy trying to survive in my own chaotic and reactive life. I had no time to imagine how things could be different. I was too busy focusing on the do-do of getting things done. I know what it's like to keep falling short. I know what it's like to wonder if the life you dream of is just a dream. I was struggling with so many things and could not understand why my success didn't make me happy.

When I first starting working as a Learning and Development Consultant, I travelled the world to train, coach and consult, developing people and delivering success in multi-national companies. I really loved my job wanted to be successful. At the time, my definition of success was:

Success = Effort


My philosophy was this: The harder and longer hours I worked, the more successful I would be.

"Most cultures tend to reward personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity."

-- Tim Ferris, Author of, The 4 Hour Work Week

This was my unconscious belief, and unwittingly it also became my work ethic for at least three years! I regularly threw myself on the altar of self/personal sacrifice for work. I worked extremely long hours in the belief that my superiors would recognize my sacrifice. They would value my effort and promote me. This philosophy left little time for me, for my life, my relationships and my health. These all became very low on my priority list. I worked an insane schedule and this fuelled my need to be successful. I was locked into this cycle. I was stuck and couldn't see a way out.


This was a defining moment in my life...


I was very successful until one day... I found myself sobbing my eyes out over my expenses. I just couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't continue to work at this insane reactive pace. At that moment - I remember it clearly - I crashed and burned. I was signed off sick with "exhaustion" for a month.

I am so grateful for this happening because I realized I had been running around trying to GET promoted, but I had no idea why. It was something that I thought successful people supposed to want and I wanted to be successful!

Through this haze I also realised that I was in a very unhappy relationship and had been avoiding dealing with this for over a year. I focused on working longer hours and kept myself busy instead.


So what did I learn from all of this?


Sometimes when we try to get something, we don't consider why we want it, and therefore we only work on external factors to make it happen. I call this the Outside-In approach.

I reached outwards to try to get recognized and promoted. I didn't stop to look at my current blocks to success, such as my belief patterns, fears, and personal values, or how increased effort was impacting upon my personal life or health. I kept making the same mistakes, following the same patterns and getting stuck in the same rut over and over again.

I was so unhappy with my situation, but didn't know how to change it - after all, I was successful! But at what cost was my success?

From the outside, this looks like the right approach to take to get results: Put extra effort in, work longer hours, etc., and maybe I would get rewarded for my personal sacrifice. After all I'm doing something and taking action.

External action alone rarely achieves powerful results because we are not working at a deeper level to create sustainable change. My existing mindset was set at a default of work harder and this did not address any of the blockages. I did not set my mind for success, I programmed it for exhaustion! I was out of alignment with what I really wanted.


It really is an inside job!


Sustainable change can only be made from the Inside-Out. Therefore, anything that you want to change is up to you, because it's about your Inside. You get to choose what you want to change and when you want to change it. No amount of persuasion or emotional appeal from anyone else will make you change. The change starts from the Inside-Out.

The source of my exhaustion was me.

My entire game changed.

"she... helps you change what you need to change to
move forward, to succeed, to achieve your goals."

I have worked with Elaine during most of 2010 with absolutely great results. Elaine is very enjoyable to work with, very personable, understanding, and genuinely cares about people. She listens well, understands situations, and applies her knowledge and experience to help you change what you need to change to move forward, to succeed, to achieve your goals. She's an awesome coach and trainer and I consider myself lucky to have her in my corner. You will too! :-)

-- Jan Wlodarski, Tampa, FL


I made a conscious decision.

I realised that had to begin the change from the Inside-Out! It's true that creating sustainable change is more about the things you remove from your life - not what you add to it.

At that moment, I re-defined my definition of success on my own terms. It wasn't about the external praise, long hours and recognition. Success for me was about being happy. I was no longer going to settle and survive. I decided to turn my life around and live it for me.

So I set about making it happen in a big way.

And that's what I did.

From that moment on, I took conscious action. I invested in myself. I hired a life coach and read every self-help book that was recommended to me! I made my life about my own definition of success.

Sometimes it was hard. Giving up was always the easier option.

I wanted to be successful and change completely by the following Monday! When you want to change your life six months can seem like forever! My coach introduced me to my two dear friends -- discipline and persistence! I also had to take responsibility for my life instead of blaming others for my lack of action or results.

Sometimes I felt like I was drowning in my own negative thinking and couldn't see a way through my fear and doubt. My coach was there to encourage me and guide me through. I attended workshops, retreats and online programmes which helped me to create new positive habits and patterns that really made a difference to my daily life. I created daily success habits and momentum. Everything changed for me and I created my own brilliant life.

"After completing this program, I feel like I can breathe."

Before I started the Unlocking Your Life's Potential Program, I was feeling overwhelmed with my work and home life. A bit like I was constantly treading water and finding it harder and harder to keep my head above water. After completing this program, I feel like I can breathe! I feel more productive and I am making better choices. The program allowed me to really look at what I wanted to accomplish and techniques to reach what was most important to me. It was amazing to me how much it helped to write things that I already knew down on paper. It gave me a plan/path to keep me focused on my goals. The process was not always easy, and I still have work I want to accomplish. Having someone to help me learn to be more accountable to myself has been like therapy to me. It was helpful to have my own personal cheerleader, since I am better at cheering for others than myself.

-- Shannon Brinker, Denver, CO

And people started noticing something different...

My colleagues and friends started to notice a positive difference in me. They sensed I was happier and more relaxed. They kept asking me: "What is different about you?" I started to share what I was learning with delegates in the classroom and when I was coaching. My clients really loved what I was sharing and asked me to share more. I'd often finish a workshop and find a queue of people at my desk waiting to talk to me! When you make big changes on the inside, success and happiness can't help but find you on the outside.

I wanted to find a way of how I could share my learning in a clear step by step approach. While what I learned wasn't linear, I developed a system to layer the learning in a way that people could really engage and get further faster. I created a programme using all the key elements that focuses on working deeply from the inside-out.

I call it the BrilliantLife - Self-Study Mastery Programme.

"Elaine has taken me from having potential to being unstoppable."

I thought I knew... I thought I had a lot of potential. But Elaine has taken me from having potential to being unstoppable. Before I met Elaine, I was procrastinating about the presentation of my dissertation. Now, I have Elaine to thank for my successful dissertation defense. She coached me to be rid of struggle when creating and presenting my work. Receiving laser coaching from Elaine made all the difference. She unlocked my creativity while at the same time, helped me get clear about things important to all faculty members: objectives and messages. I am excited to move forward with Elaine's coaching to take control of other areas of my life.

-- Dr. Kelly Beischel

"The program really helped me to clear out the clutter in the brain and to get clear what was important to me."

I was sat in a bar one evening with a girlfriend and suddenly looking across the table at her face. I realised I had not stopped ranting for the past 1/2 hour on how frustrating I was finding everything both at home and work. Bless my girlfriend for listening but also for suggesting Elaine to help me get through the frustrations.

I decided on the Unlocking Your Pure Potential programme and from the 1st week was amazed at how true and relevant the notes from Elaine were. I had just turned 40 and realised that all the plans I had set in my late 20's were just not going to happen. It was time to set some new ones but I hadn't a clue where to start. The program really helped me to clear out the clutter in the brain and to get clear what was important to me. The added bonus was being able to let things go that I had worried about for ages. I managed to stay focused on some short term goals and although I still haven't mapped out the next 10 years, I am not worried about this and just enjoying exploring the different options now open to me. The narrowed goggles are gone and the choices are endless. I look forward now to journey and being able to explore.

-- Sarah Mee, London


Is it really possible to create a BrilliantLife?

Absolutely Yes!

Most people don't have a plan. They, like me, live an unconscious life waiting to be rescued or hoping to win the Lottery!

Seriously! This isn't a plan. When things go out of balance avoiding the situation is like trying to hold one of those swimming noodles under water... eventually it will break free and rush to the surface. The imbalance will eventually fly to the surface. For me this was the day I crashed and burned while sobbing my eyes out over my expenses.

Life is all about transition and transformation. We are always in motion. Learning how to manage transition whether it is big or small is essential for a successful and happy life.

You might be wondering how hard is this going to be for you...

I'll be totally honest with you. Just reading the programme will not transform your life. You can't just listen to the content and hope that everything will change.

The success stories from people who have taken this programme have all have several things in common:

They wanted their life to change.

They made friends with discipline and persistence.

They committed to investing time in themselves a little each day.

They've created changes because they showed up and did the work.

All you have to do is decide.

Do you want to get to experience unbelievable changes in your life?

I've really lived this stuff and I know what I'm talking about from practical experience. That's why so many people continue to want to work with me. This programme is NOT one of those quick fix - cure all packages from someone who has just decided to be yet another life coach. I understand the importance of mindset first, skillset second. I know the common challenges, and all the temptations to quit. I'm also prepared to face them with you! Together we will blast through any roadblocks. After all, these are the things that keep us from succeeding.

Your happiness and success is VERY important to me.

"Thank you for helping me find the light switch..."

I have been making steady improvements in all areas of my life and I am finally excited about what the future could hold for me. Ever since my "eureka" moment when we last spoke around me changing my thinking with the techniques you describe in your daily insights and getting rid of my saboteur things have been more positive and I have been a much happier person in myself and feel much more positive about the future. I have my motivation back and I am finally taking care of me - the rest will come in time that much I am sure of.

Thank you for helping me find the light switch and making me realise that it's not things that will make me happy or get me to "that place" but me, myself and I. :)

Nicky Andrew, Dorset, UK


What results can you expect with the
BrilliantLife Mastery Programme?

You'll have direction, focus and clarity.

You'll generate new choices of approach.

You'll make clearer decisions.

You'll learn how to say 'no' to things that are not serving you.

You'll eliminate those things that drain and overwhelm you.

You'll step out of being stuck and let go of things that drain you.

You'll develop some new positive habits and daily rituals in your daily life.

You'll improve relationships at work and/or at home.

You'll feel more in control of your life.

You'll increase your confidence.

You'll have increased levels of energy.

You'll be able to reframe your limiting beliefs to create empowering ones.

You'll get a step-by-step process to help you get further faster.

You'll be unstoppable!


Here's what you get with the
BrilliantLife Mastery Programme

I turned my life around when realised that I was letting life just happen to me. I decided to take the leading role and become clear on what was important. I learned how to say "no" to the things that no longer served me and faced the challenges of busy-ness tackling distraction, overwhelm and burnout full on! I became the locksmith in my own life and learned how to unlock my own potential to create an authentic and purposeful life. I'm now dedicated to helping busy and successful women and men do the same!

I have over 20 years of practical hands on learning experience that I bring with me to this programme. I know how to create a BrilliantLife.


1. EVERY SINGLE DAY for 7 weeks... High-level Support & High Level Coaching Lessons.

You are supported DAILY for the full seven-weeks of the programme. There are 49 high-power daily lessons in total! I will walk you through the seven key elements step-by-step and show you how to apply them to create your own BrilliantLife.

The coolest thing is that you get a little learning every day! Its helps you to stay focused and this way you learn deeply because you get into the habit of learning.

These lessons are fully digital. You will receive them daily in your inbox. You can also download the audio version and listen to them at the gym or as you travel to work. This is a really cool way to learn.


2. Worksheets and Activities... For interactivity and creating action!

The BrilliantLife Mastery Programme is a hands-on-experience! It's completely interactive and not for those people who just want to sit back and hope that change will permeate into their lives.

As we move through the steps in programme together you'll be able to use these tools to help you get awareness, clarity, focus and create do-able action steps to create your own BrilliantLife.


3. Special Topic Audios...To reveal stuck spots and share experience along the way.

Get extra clarity and awareness from the 'Special Topic' calls which you'll receive during the programme. I'm going to be honest and open with you to reveal stuck spots that I've experienced along the way and how to overcome them. Not many coaches will share this level of detail with you. It's a great opportunity to listen in as I reveal extra tools and practical tips from my own and previous client experiences as we navigated through each of the steps in the process.


You Have My Personal Guarantee...

I practice what I preach. I live and breathe the principles that I'm sharing with you on this programme.

I am so confident that you will get great results that I'm offering you 14 day FULL money back guarantee - No questions asked!

You have nothing to lose!


Register Here

2011 Re-launch Special Pricing - Limited Offer


I know that you're ready to create your BrilliantLife.

I can't wait to start working with you on this amazing new programme!


P.S. If you were to travel forward six months in time, consider what your life will be life in these two scenarios:

1) ...if you continue exactly as you are now?

2) ...if you are living on purpose and creating and thriving in your life?

Here's the deal. You get to choose!

This offer is only guaranteed for a limited time, so be sure to secure your special pricing today!

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